TopsWorks and SolidWorks - Integrated Solution Approach

    The task of TopsWorks is to eliminate the gap between construction and production in the process chain of sheet metal. Fully integrated into SolidWorks and perfectly aligned with the TruTops System of Trumpf, TopsWorks offers an ideal tool to produce sheet metal parts of high quality with perfect measures in a cost and time efficient way and almost no rejects.

    The basis of the comprehensive approach to TopsWorks solutions lies in the complete integration into SolidWorks. That means that the user is able to work with TopsWorks in his familiar working environment. On top of everything the handling of TopsWorks is easy to become accustomed to, so that after only a short period of vocational adjustment the full power spectrum of TopsWorks is understood and can be used for the process of manufacturing sheet metal parts.

    The system SolidWorks / TopsWorks compares the engineering data of a sheet metal part immediately to all relevant production data, so that a synchronization of the geometry of the SolidWorks sheet metal model and the produced sheet metal takes place.