5 good reasons to use TopsWorks

  • Complete integration in SolidWorks
  • Direct access to the TruTops databases
  • Technology data integrated in the design process
  • Export and import of GEO-files
  • 3D Geometry synchronized with manufactured part

TopsWorks - Efficiency Tool for the Entire Process Chain of Sheet Metal

TopsWorks is a direct interface between SolidWorks and TruTops programming systems, thus eliminating the gap between design and sheet metal manufacturing.

The product is developed in close cooperation with the company TRUMPF, one of the leading machine tool manufacturer for sheet metal fabrication, and is used by TRUMPF in their own design.

Benefits at a glance:

  • With TopsWorks you can achieve a high processing quality with the possibility to analyze, process and correct a 3D construction on behalf of parameters like e.g. material, thickness, processing tools etc.
  • TopsWorks makes the access to empirical data of the TruTops database more flexible, data that is then available to all the processing team.
  • TopsWorks reduces deficient products in production by taking into consideration a “virtual prototype” using all machine-relevant information.
  • React faster and more efficient to customer requests by using the direct transfer of data in form of machine readable GEO-format, without the intermediate steps of unfolding, drawing derivation and DXF-export.
  • API interface for automation of recurring processes, which offers you better integration possibilities for the product development process.
  • Moreover, the production documentation within the drawing derivation used for the planning of the process steps provides a high level processing reliability.