Your added value with TopsWorks!

We offer not only a software product, but also support you throughout the process chain of sheet metal with the following services:

  • Online-presentations
  • Web training, Workshops
  • Consulting

Web training

Learn how to implement TopsWorks through our web training. This training is online and dont take up much of your time, you dont even have to leave your desk. The number of training participants is not limited.

Duration: 4,5 hours

How does a Web training work?
The trainer will demontsrate the product via a software called Deskshare. You follow the educational content directly on your own screen, via telephone you receive further explanations.

Training Contents:

  • Getting Started - Set Options
  • Set up the database connection to the TruTops
  • Insert the bend parameters from the TruTops Bend database
  • Insert the punch features from the TruTops Punch database
  • Export the sheet metal part into the GEO-format for direct use in the systems TruTops Laser, Punch and Bend
  • Insert a bend table on the drawing
  • Special Cases. Tipps and Tricks


  • Basic skills in SolidWorks
  • Experiences with the SolidWorks sheet metal module
  • Computer with DSL-Internet and Telefone


Please contact us at Schulungen(at) We are happy to schedule an appointment for you.