Your added value with TopsWorks!

We offer not only a software product, but also support you throughout the process chain of sheet metal with the following services:

  • Online-presentations
  • Web training, Workshops
  • Consulting

Consulting: From the 3D-Model to the Accurately Dimensioned Finished Part

A common question posed by the sheet metal fabrication is, how to manufacture parts quickly and cost efficiently. The answer to this question can not be answered only by manufacturing, but must also be sought in the entire process chain.

We support you in optimizing your process chain  and help you to improve the quality and productivity of your sheet metal parts.

We can advise you on these issues:

  • Analysis of your field from design to manufacturing.
  • Work out an overall concept to improve the quality of your parts and assemblies.
  • Identify and optimize your technology parameters.
  • Work out of design guidelines for your sheet metal design in SolidWorks.
  • Better use of the software resources.
  • Customer specific programming.