TopsWorks 6 Service Pack 3 is available07.09.2011

TopsWorks 6 Service Pack 3 was released today.

Important notice:
This service pack is compatible with SolidWorks 2011 SP3 and upwards.

This service pack includes the following new features and enhancements:

New Bend Checker to control the bend parameters [DPS-SPR #0471, #2046, #2039]
A new feature to check bend parameters - the 'Bend Checker' - has been developed to give you more control over the bend parameters of a sheet metal part and ensure reliable results. For more information on this new feature see TopsWorks Help.

Warning if edge flange features have flange position "Bend Outside" [DPS-SPR #2013]
If an edge flange feature has the flange position "Bend Outside", the outer dimensions of this edge flange will be changed by inserting the bend parameters. As this is usually unwanted, the new feature shows this edge flange feature.

Check of user defined bend allowance for negative value [DPS-SPR #2073]
User-defined bend allowance will be checked for negative value (independent of type). In the case of a negative value, a corresponding message will be shown and the bend allowance is set to the smallest possible positive value.

Identification of a TopsWorks sheet metal part [DPS-SPR #2034]
This new feature is created to inform users about the status of a TopsWorks-part (part with TopsWorks attributes) and can be applied for the automatic GeoExport. More information on this new feature you will find in the TopsWorks Help under Automation.

When using a user-defined bend radius, the bend allowance will be calculated by DIN 6935 [DPS-SPR #2086]
If by inserting the bend parameters a user-defined radius is set, the bend allowance will be calculated automatically by DIN 6935.

Extended documentation
The documentation has been expanded to include the following topics: Technical Information, Product Support, Pricing And Ordering. These include current compatibility list, system requirements and other information about product.

Important bugs have been fixed in relation to the bending lines in the GEO-file.
The full list of fixed bugs can be sent on request.