TopsWorks 2015 SP0 is available!11.11.2014

The new version of TopsWorks was released today.

We are happy to present you the new TopsWorks version.

TopsWorks 2015 SP0 includes the following new features and enhancements:

Support of SOLIDWORKS 2015

TopsWorks 2015 supports SOLIDWORKS 2015. Among other things, the bends of the mirrored parts with sheet metal information will be recognized. The current compatibility list can be found here.

Determining the rolling direction in GeoExport

In TopsWorks 2015 it is now possible to determine the rolling direction of the sheet metal body. This is done through the command "GeoExport" by selecting a linear edge of the flat pattern. The flattened sheet metal body is then aligned along the selected edge and exported to the GEO.
For more information about this feature, see the TopsWorks Help file.

Large bend radii will be not synchronized  (optionally)

It is not always possible to bending a bend with large radius, so, for instance, they have to be rolled. The new option prevents unwanted modification of the large bend radii in the model by TopsWorks because the selected tools and the resulting TruTops bend radius are no longer applicable in this case.
If the above option is enabled, the option "Accept current value (A)" is set by TopsWorks automatically for each bend with a bend radius that exceeds the user-defined value. The shortening values of such bends are calculated according to DIN 6935. A corresponding note on the bending is displayed.
More information about this option you will find in the TopsWorks Help.

Bug fixing

Important bugs have been fixed in relation to the contour attributes. In addition, the running stability of the program has been increased.
The complete list of the fixed bugs can be found in our ftp download area for maintenance customers.

The new version is available for all customers with active service free of charge and can be downloaded from our FTP download area.
If you have an active service, but have not received the login to our download area, please contact our technical support.

Please note the following hints:

  • The new version is compatible with SOLIDWORKS 2014 and 2015.
  • For the new version, you will need a new license code.
    Our maintenance customers will find a list of their TopsWorks license codes in the FTP download area in the "Kundendaten" in the "TopsWorks Lizenzen.csv" file.